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Is condo living in your future?
Last Modified: 10/24/2016
Condo living is increasing in popularity among empty nesters and young families alike. If you’re planning to make a condo your home, make sure you take steps to protect your investment. Insurance needs for condo owners are different than the typical single family homeowner. . . . (Full story)

In-home health care costs more than you think
Last Modified: 9/26/2016
Home health care is the most popular long-term care option among families. However, according to Genworth, one-third of adults surveyed seriously underestimate home health care costs. . . . (Full story)

Fatal distractions
Last Modified: 8/15/2016
It’s estimated that one in ten motor vehicle accident fatalities are the result of distracted driving. What causes so many drivers to feel they can take their eyes and mind off the road? The answer: complacency. . . . (Full story)

NEW! Equipment Breakdown Coverage
Last Modified: 8/8/2016
Surprise! You wake up to find your furnace or air conditioner stopped working, your electronics were fried by a power surge, or your refrigerator has died. These costly events can turn your household finances upside down. Member Benefits now offers Equipment Breakdown Coverage for participants in our home insurance program. . . . (Full story)

Better than ever home policy
Last Modified: 10/20/2016
WEA Member Benefits is now providing enhanced and expanded coverages for our participants and their families. These changes are the result of a year-long process of rewriting our home policy. Read more about our goals for this process and learn about our new and increased home insurance coverages that benefit you. . . . (Full story)

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Mutual Funds 101: One-decision investing, two options
Last Modified: 2/13/2017
Learn more about Model Portfolios and Target Retirement Funds (continued from Investment Spotlight: Mutual Funds 101). . . . (Full story)

Mutual Funds 101: What's next?
Last Modified: 2/16/2017
Apply what you’ve learned from "Investment Spotlight: Mutual Funds 101" to start investing in your future or evaluate your current investments. . . . (Full story)

Investment spotlight: Mutual Funds 101
Last Modified: 2/16/2017
Knowing how to secure your financial well-being is one of the most important things you’ll ever need to do in life. You don’t have to be a genius to do it. You just need to know a few basics, form a plan, and commit to it. . . . (Full story)

Retirement program myth busters!
Last Modified: 2/7/2017
We bust some of the common myths members hear about Member Benefits’ retirement and savings program. . . . (Full story)

Use your IRA to help charity
Last Modified: 1/23/2017
Did you know you can choose to give up to $100,000 to a qualified charity from your IRA without counting it as taxable income when you are over 70 ½ years old? This type of gift is called a qualified charitable distribution. . . . (Full story)

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Smart Money Move #8: Pay it Forward
Last Modified: 1/3/2017
Pay it forward Many Wisconsin public school employees attribute their participation in our retirement and insurance programs to someone who shared their experience and encouraged them to take action. They remember details of the conversation years later because the guidance . . . (Full story)

Smart Money Move #7
Last Modified: 12/9/2016
Find someone to trust Whether you'r just starting out or are close to retirement, there may be a time when you need to talk to someone about your financial situation. There are many types of people who offer . . . (Full story)

Smart Money Move #6
Last Modified: 12/8/2016
Turn debt into savings Getting out of debt requires you to spend less money than you earn on a consistent, long term basis. Debt reduction helps to increase your credit score, reduce stress, and helps you reach your . . . (Full story)

Smart Money Move #5
Last Modified: 12/8/2016
Build your financial savvy...and use the right tools for the job. want to start making more informed decisions about your finances. Congratulations That's a great first step. But where to start? Fortunately, Member BEnefits has some . . . (Full story)

Smart Money Move #4: Protect your investments...big and small
Last Modified: 1/30/2017
It takes time and money to accumulate the things you have. You've worked hard for them—be sure you have adequate insurance coverage. . . . (Full story)

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