Pay it forward...share the benefits!

pay it forward

Help Member Benefits help other Wisconsin public school employees get on the right financial path! Here are some ways you can help them out:

  1. Encourage early saving in our low-cost 403(b) or IRA program.
  2. Point out our personal insurance discounts for young teachers and WEAC members.
  3. Tell them about our free consultations and financial seminars available.
  4. Let  the know that their family members may be eligible for our programs, even if they don't participate.
  5. Share the link to your$ magazine, which is full of great financial tips and resources.

Give some recognition

Lastly, chances are you know someone in your district who goes the extra mile to help others build financial security. If so, nominate your colleague for our Financial Mentor Award! It only takes a minute of your time.

Nominate someone today.

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