Smart Money Move #8: Pay it forward

Financial Moves #8

Many Wisconsin public school employees attribute their participation in our retirement and insurance programs to someone who shared their experience and encouraged them to take action. They remember details of the conversation years later because the guidance they received empowered them to do something that had a profound and positive impact on their financial life.

Perhaps you have had a similar experience. Now is a good time to pay it forward by mentoring a colleague. You don't have to be an expert, just someone who's passionate about helping people learn—educators helping educators. 

**(Know someone who is a financial mentor to others? Give them a little recognition by nominating them for our Financial Mentor Award. It's quick and easy to do.)**

Here are ways you can pay your knowledge forward:

  • Share your knowledge (and ours). Our website has a host of FREE financial tools, including financial calculators and articles, as well as our your$ magazine to help Wisconsin public school employees get on the right financial path.
  • Tell them about free and fee-based financial consultations. We offer free and fee-based financial planning services for Wisconsin public school employees. Or schedule a personal phone consultation at
  • Encourage early saving in our low-cost 403(b) or IRA program. Getting started is easy with a as little as $20.

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  • Point out personal insurance discounts for young teachers and WEAC members.
  • Invite others to join you on your financial journey. Attend FREE financial seminars offered around the state throughout the year. Check to see if your district offers any financial seminars, and bring a colleague. Popular seminars include topics like the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS), retirement saving and planning, budgeting, investing, and more. Videos addressing many of these topics are also available on Member Benefits' YouTube channel.
  • Encourage caution when choosing insurance and financial services providers. Pay attention to fees and make it a point to work with someone who puts your best interest first. 

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