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Future dated payrolls

If we receive a payroll roster created on our website through yourPLAN ACCESS with a future date on it, we cannot apply the contributions to the employees’ accounts until that day—even if we have the funds. For example, during June the payroll rosters are created for June 15, June 30, July 15, July 31, August 15, and August 31. A check or ACH is then sent to our bank for the total of all those payrolls. Our system will not be able to apply those funds until the actual date listed on the submitted payroll.

If you would like to create multiple payrolls and submit them all at once so the funds are applied immediately to the accounts, simply use the current date for those payrolls when you enter the information in our system. This ensures that we can put all the contributions into the accounts as soon as the funds arrive.

Remittance mailing address

As a reminder, our address for remittance payments changed a year ago. All checks should be made payable and sent to:

Verisight Trust Company
PO Box 23185
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

To insure proper credit, please be sure to include both the account number (bin number) and the plan name on all deposits. As indicated, the bin number should be placed between pound (#) signs for both ACHs and wires. The bin number should also be written on checks.

Online account access, tools, and resources

Member Benefits’ website provides account access for both employers and employees. Employers can log in to yourPLAN ACCESS to view payroll records, employee status, and a variety of different reports for monitoring and maintaining their plan documents. Employees can log in to yourMONEY to view their account activity, update beneficiaries, make investment changes, and view statements. We encourage you to direct employees to contact us by phone or through our website if they have any questions.

New employees who are considering their retirement options can go to our website to:

We also provide a variety of calculators that can be used to determine everything from compound interest effects to credit card roll-down payment comparisons to long-term care insurance scenarios.

WEA Member Benefits strives to be a resource to you and your employees for all your payroll, retirement, and investment needs. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-279-4030 any time you have questions.

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