A new fund, a name change, and an update

DATE | 07/23/18
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We regularly review our investment options to maintain the quality of our retirement savings program.

Member Benefits strives to offer quality fund choices in your retirement savings program by regularly reviewing our investment options. Recently, in our large-cap fund lineup, we added the Vanguard Equity-Income Fund Admiral shares and removed the T. Rowe Price Equity Income fund. All existing balances and ongoing contributions directed to the T. Rowe Price fund have been directed to Vanguard Equity-Income Fund Admiral shares.

Secondly, please note that PGIM Investments has renamed the Prudential QMA Small Cap Value fund to the PGIM QMA Small Cap Value fund. The change is in name only—fund management will not be affected. If you have selected this fund in your retirement savings lineup, you will see the change reflected on your 2018 third-quarter statement.

Lastly, we are including Vanguard Equity-Income Fund Admiral shares in all of our model portfolios and have added the Oppenheimer Developing Markets fund to the moderately conservative portfolio.