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  • Low fees and awesome customer service

    bill kirsch

    “Early in my career, I realized that although I was saving regularly, the high fees in my retirement account were cutting into the growth of my investments. Then I read a flyer from Member Benefits and it made great sense to roll over my accounts to them. The low fees and awesome customer service are unbeatable.”

    --Bill Kirsch, Waukesha School District

  • Invest in your future

    lewis gunderson

    “Teaching is a hard job. You should be able to enjoy your retirement...but you have to invest in you.”

    --Lewis Gunderson, School District of Cadott Community

  • Member Benefits is my trusted partner

    patrick kubeny

    “I’m a firm believer that personal savings will have the biggest impact on the quality of life in retirement. I chose Member Benefits because they provide great investment choices, low fees, and great customer service.”

    --Patrick Kubeny, Rhinelander School District, recipient of the 2013 Governor’s Financial Literacy Award

  • Start small, but start now

    sarah klein

    “I used a compound interest calculator and learned that if you invest even a small amount but start early, it can really pay off. It was very powerful and I knew I needed to get started right away.”

    --Sarah Klein, Fontana School District