Financial Planning

2018 Financial Mentor Award winners

DATE | 10/22/18
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Our 2018 Mentor Award winners were recommended by their peers as champions of education who take the time to mentor their colleagues on good financial planning and saving for retirement.

Their comments speak for themselves:

“He meets with every new employee to discuss investment and savings plans in detail and spends a great deal of time assisting our staff with their financial questions and situations.”

“She is always helping other staff with their questions related to retirement and benefits.”

“She truly cares about the teachers in our district and helping them to make good choices. Her e-mail reminders, after school planning sessions, and personal conversations go above and beyond her call of duty.”

Congratulations to these exceptional financial advocates. You are appreciated for what you do!

  • Rick Sutherland, Nekoosa
  • Al Crider, Nekoosa
  • Douglas Olsen, Kickapoo
  • Kathy Johnson, Wittenberg-Birnamwood
  • Mary Blaha, Sheboygan Falls
  • Sherry Hendrickson, Monroe
  • Cheryl Richards, Ithaca
  • Kara Bolly, Fontana
  • Tom Wilcox, Germantown
  • Del DeBerg, Melrose-Mindoro

Each winner was recognized in your$ magazine and will receive a personal certificate of recognition.

Don’t see your mentor on the list? 2019 Mentor nominations are now open at