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Take a closer look at your insurance coverage

Last Updated: 5/18/2015 9:20:13 AM

An insurance consultation with Member Benefits is a free service to Wisconsin public school employees. Our personal insurance consultants can review your current insurance coverage to help you avoid paying too much and fix common coverage errors that could leave you at risk. Have an insurance consultation by May 31, 2015 and you’ll be entered in a drawing for an iPad mini!


Exciting fund enhancements

Last Updated: 5/14/2015 11:18:08 AM

Member Benefits has new fund options, including an additional fixed income option and another for those interested in a fully indexed portfolio to include international investments. We also have a few share class changes that will save participants money.


Build your financial savvy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last Updated: 5/11/2015 10:38:55 AM

If you want to improve your financial savvy, it pays to have the right tools for the right job. Member Benefits has a number of free financial tools and resources to help you build up your financial knowledge. And if you have questions, call us. We're here to help.


Your Story

My 2 cents

Published: 04/30/2015  

My 2 centsSarah Klein is a 27-year-old art teacher—and a Millennial (born 1980 through mid-2000s). It’s a generation now facing adult decisions about their finances. Sarah shares her story about coming into her own financially and learning that, even when dealing with debt, she can and should still save for her future.

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